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Hotel Diman

About hotel

DIN_IMAN d.o.o. Bijelo Polje is a company that opens a 4-star hotel with smaller capacity, good service and unique experience.

That is precisely the experience of stay that should be emphasized, offered as a benefit, attract guests and differentiate this hotel accommodation compared to others. What do we mean when we say experience?
Dobra Voda, thanks to its geographical position "between the mountains and the sea" and a very favorable climate, is also called an air spa. As such, it is an ideal place for family vacations for people with children. The hotel itself is "tucked away" right between the sea and the hills, which gives it numerous advantages, among which the most important is PEACE. The hotel opens with the idea of being a family business with all the values that this type of business carries with it: authenticity, trust, dedication, warmth, stability, pride, common goals and energy, inclusion of generations and respect for the wider community. In fact, that's exactly what family members are looking for and expecting from vacations. So... FAMILY.

Hotel Diman

Beaches and nature - Dobre Vode

Dobre Vode has its own beach, one of the most visited in this part of the Adriatic Sea. Veliki Pijesak beach can accommodate 2,874 swimmers, and its length is 480 meters. The sea water is extremely clean, so from this point of view Veliki Pijesak belongs to the beaches of the first category. Most of the beach is covered with gravel, and there is one part that is sandy. It is surrounded by lush nature where numerous Mediterranean plant species and pine forests grow. Beach visitors have at their disposal deck chairs, parasols, showers and changing cabins. The rescue team of veliki pijesak beach takes care of the safety of swimmers. On the beach along the coast there are a number of cafes, restaurants and shops. In the vicinity of Dobri Vode there are still many beaches, which guests can visit.

  • Velika Plaža - Dobre Vode

    This beach is ideal for holidays, especially families with children. However, even the younger population will not remain indifferent, because there are bars and discotheques for an exceptional night out.

  • Nature and beaches

    Most of the beach is covered with gravel, and there is one part that is sandy. It is surrounded by lush nature where numerous Mediterranean plant species and pine forests grow.


What do our guests say?

Hotel Diman


Private Parking

The hotel has a private parking exclusively intended for guests, with 24-hour video surveillance.

High-speed Wifi

Wireless internet is available to everyone in the entire hotel completely free of charge.


Our bar is a great place where you can enjoy your cocktail before or after dinner.


The hotel is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the latest air conditioning.


On the menu is a large selection of seafood dishes, as well as specialties of national cuisine.

Room service

If you want to have your first morning coffee in your room, room service is also offered.

Family rooms

The rooms are equipped to provide guests with comfort and are a great place to relax.


The hotel is away from the most beautiful beach in Dobra Vode only 400 meters.


Frequently Asked Questions

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The hotel has its own parking which is free for hotel guests.

The restaurant at Hotel Diman has a very long tradition of high level of service and high quality cuisine.

Yes, we have an optical internet connection that you can use for free from your room and from the common areas. To use Wi-Fi, you need to ask at the reception for an access code.

If your room was not used the night before your arrival, the room will be ready that morning. If not, the room will be ready for you when it is released. Departure time from the Hotel is at 10:00 AM, so at 11:00h - 12:00h the room will be clean and ready at your disposal.